Laundry & Dry cleaning

Laundry Iron Service

Do you have a full time job? You have trouble finding clean clothes to wear for your work or any other stuff. You don't have water nor time to wash. Or you don't want to spend all your holiday or off day time soaking, cleaning and drying your dirty laundry. We are perfect for you.

As simple as it sounds it is basic laundry procedure. We wash your dirty laundry in our machine, dry them and fold them to be ready to delivered to you. Your laundry are ready to use or stored in your closets.

Just give us a call

If you don't have time to go to laundry by yourself just give us a call at 061-620210, 9867641950 for pickup. We will come to your place at your preferred time, pick up your dirty laundry and drop off clean and fresh clothes for you to enjoy.

Don't want to call? Alternately you can place a request for pick up through our REQUEST PICKUP FORM Just Click Here.

You can get our pickup and delivery service for free.

Conditions Apply for free pickup drop off.

Check out our free pickup and delivery service for more details