Anti Termite Service:

Anti Termite Service:

Termites are economically significant pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings and crops. must of this damage is caused by subterranean or soil nesting termites in search for food containing cellulose such as wood paper etc. we offer anti termite treatments to our customers which comprise.

           Pre - Construction Anti termite treatment 

  1. The treatment is performed before the construction of a building commences.
  2. this treatment ideal for residential as well as commercial buildings.
  3. it is offered by us with five years of warranty.

          Post - Construction Anti Termite Treatment:

  • The treatment is performed after the final construction of a building.
  • it is highly effective and provides protection against subterranean termites. 
  • it is offered by us with 1 year & 5 years of warranty.